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The Full Story

About the CNC

Sanctuary HSV currently has a 4x8 CNC that doubles as both a CNC router and plasma cutter. The machine is always in-demand, but we have learned a few things about the CNC market and would like to bring a higher-quality service to the makers of Huntsville and the surrounding area.


Our mission is to raise the funds necessary to provide the makers of Huntsville with a 4x8 or larger CNC table that has the capabilities to cut and carve the necessary mediums for high-demand projects and help creative small businesses thrive with equipment that not only meets their needs, but meets them in a timely and efficient manner.


Fundraising will occur through donations only.

We have three tiered goals.

The first goal is $22,000

The second goal is $55,000

The third goal is $72,000


If we hit our first goal

we will be purchasing a Grizzly Grizzly G0895 4x8 CNC with a six-area vacuum table.

If we hit our second goal

we will be purchasing a Laguna 4x8 SmartShop M CNC

If we hit our third goal

we will be purchasing a Laguna 5x10 SmartShop M CNC

What to expect.

We love giving back to those who support Sanctuary, and this is no exception. There are several different tiers of giving that will offer different benefits.

Levels of Donations


Each person who donates at this level will receive a seat at our one-day CNC class, and a seat at our intro to CAD class this Spring.


This level will include everything above, but will add a six-month membership to Sanctuary HSV, giving you 24/7 access to the CNC as well as a host of other tools.


This level will include everything above, but will extend the membership offer to one year, you will have exclusive access to the CNC the first week of operation, and you will have your name (or name of choice) added to a plaque displayed on the machine.

Donate Now

Help us make a difference for makers in Huntsville!


Thank you for your donation!

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