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Our Story

It all started with breakfast.

I had been looking to start an entertainment venue. A place where the families of Huntsville could go to have fun.

That all came crashing down. The pandemic made sure of it.

I didn't want to give up, but there was one big issue. Where could we build prototypes and store them while the world "flattened the curve" *ha*. That was what really got me going. There was no place in Huntsville to build on the scale that I needed. There was no carpentry shop, no place to weld, no place to design media, and no place to put it all together.

A group of friends of mine and I were eating breakfast early on a Saturday when I had mentioned this dilemma. One of my friends asked about a building across the street (we were eating at Blue Plate Cafe). I hadn't seen the building, but it looked small. Just to humor the suggestion; I called the real-estate agent and got a tour. The building was perfect. It needed some serious work, but it could be done.

That building has become a creative home for Huntsville's hands-on hobbyists. It has become Sanctuary.