Connecting Canva and Your Facebook Page

So, you're trying to connect your Facebook page with Canva, and you ran into a problem; Canva won't see your page. No worries! You're not the only one!

This is a super simple fix.

1: Make sure your Facebook page is linked to Canva

Canva makes it REALLY easy to make sure that your Facebook account is setup correctly. What you're really looking for is those check-marks next to the business pages that you want to post to. If you have check-marks next to the page you want to post to, but still don't see it when you try to schedule the post on Canva; these next few steps are for you!

2: Instead of clicking "Schedule" first, click "post to Facebook".

I'm sure this is a glitch that Canva will fix soon, but there's something about hitting the "Publish to Facebook" option that Canva likes to do first.

3: Write your caption and then click the calendar button at the bottom of the window.

Once you hit the little calendar option, not only will you be able to schedule this post, but the regular schedule button will work too. It's a miracle!

4: BOOM! Your page that was previously un-schedule-able now has a scheduled post!

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