The Death of Home Depot and Lowes

A new industry is emerging, and it's time we talked about it.

Community workshops are not something new. What is new, is the idea that anyone can come and learn how to use high-end tools to craft and create as both hobbyists and business owners. With trade and crafting jobs rising during the pandemic, many are realizing that learning how to make hand-crafted goods can support a growing lifestyle.

This shift in people leaving their low-income positions and starting their own crafting businesses using Etsy and Amazon as their marketing and ecommerce foundation has created exceeding demand for space to work, and higher-quality tools than normally used by DIY-ers.

Even retailers have begun incorporating 3D Printers and engravers into their business model to allow customization of products.

What's different now is the ability for people to customize themselves. Limitations of a few fonts and wood colors are a thing of the past. Anyone can not only learn how to build something, but have the resources they need to actually build it, without having to spend thousands of dollars at a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes.

Community workshops and makerspaces are the future of business building, and customizing your lifestyle. Take it by the reigns and make your own path.

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