What Filaments can the Snapmakers Print With?

Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printers are magical machines that can 3D Print, CNC rout, and Laser Engrave, but there are certain limitation. Snapmaker has been addressing these limitations lately with upgraded modules, beds, and parts, but with the standard 3D Printing head; what all can you print with?

Currently, Snapmaker mentions supporting PLA, ABS, PETG, and TPU filaments. What are those?

PLA is the cheapest and most common 3D Printing filament on the market. I comes in the most colors, and doesn't have a super-high melting point. So, it doesn't take an industrial machine to use it. The drawbacks to PLA are plenty though. It deforms in sunlight or and medium-high heat. It produces fumes while printing that can be unsafe if inhaled for an extended period of time. Most of all, it is brittle. It takes little to nothing to break a PLA prototyped piece.

ABS is a little more robust than PLA. Its prints in a similar way, but has a much higher melting temperature. This means that you have to have a nicer machine and hot-end, but it also means that your print can literally take the heat. ABS comes in a larger and larger variety of colors and styles every day.

PETG or "silk" filaments are a polyester-based filament with melting and durability properties similar to PLA, but aesthetically very different. PLA and ABS both have a dull finish when printed. PETG will have a glassy or silky look, which can be very useful for printing awards, medals, or decor for special occasions. Just remember that PETG is just as brittle as PLA.

TPU is an odd-ball. It is a flexible filament that has a more foam-esque consistency when printed. It can be great for creating wheels, souls for shoes, or phone cases. The only real down-side to TPU is that it can be very finicky to print properly. Even with the cleanest hot-end, TPU has a tendency to clog and mess-up perfectly good prints. I have learned never to set and leave a TPU print if I can help it.

Those are all of the filaments that Snapmaker explicitly recommends for their machines, but there are many others including wood infused PLAs and even metal. What would you like to see Snapmaker upgrade with a new module?

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