What is a ‘makerspace’

Updated: Jan 28

Makerspaces and hackerspaces have a wide range of characteristics ranging from a small room with a few 3D printers, to entire renovated schools with hundreds of full-time employees.

the only real requirement of a makerspace is to be a physical location that is dedicated to helping those with ideas, bring them to life.

now, everyone’s ideas are a little different, and can require a host of different tools and resources. Which, is why makerspace a very so much from one place to the next. One makerspace May specialize is 3D printing, the next in carpentry, the next in music and audio production, the next in electronics and robots, and the next in screen printing.

there are a lot of things that makerspaces can cover, and many of them can be expensive and require special assistance. That’s why a makerspace is better than trying to go at something in your garage.

in a makerspace, you not only have access to tools, but also help. There is a community that shares the space with you that you can lean on if you can’t quite figure something out.

Makerspaces are places. Good makerspaces are communities.

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