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Sell your products to Huntsville's Springtime Shoppers

  • 5 hours
  • Governors Drive Southwest

Service Description

Welcome to Sanctuary HSV's First Ever Makers Marketplace! We are out to make this market the best experience possible for both vendors, and our guests. Each weekend from February 25th until May 28th, we will host two open markets. One on Friday from 10:00AM until 3:00PM, and one on Saturday from 10:00AM until 3:00PM Vendors are welcome to setup beginning at 8:30AM, and we ask that booths be cleaned each evening by 4:30 (because we would all like to go home at some point.) We ask that all art and creations be family appropriate. We're not prude, we just can't control if a Karen brings her nosey 10-year-old know-it-all child and they say something weird about your art. The last thing we want is to make people feel uncomfortable about their creations, or to get people riled-up over... art. Each vendor will be provided with a canopy, tables, and folding chairs (we will ask how many day-of(no, you cannot have twenty chairs for your 8x8 booth)). Spots are limited, and we may ask you to reschedule if we already have twenty-seven people doing the exact same thing. Okay, we'll ask before it gets that bad, but we want everyone to make money and not have to fight the other vendors like gladiators just to get a customer. You need to be making money. Period. We get it. Please follow all city, state, and county laws regarding your product, service, and business. This is your responsibility. We do not have documentation to vouch for the legitimacy of your business, or its right to do business. THIS IS WHERE YOU RESERVE YOUR SPOTS! There is not another page. There are no secret discounts. You cannot call me privately and bribe me with cookies to get you a good spot (sorry mom). If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach-out through the chat feature in this website or to I will warn you though, Kenny kinda sucks.