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hire a member to help

Rent time, or let us bring your vision to life

Rent a Shop

  • Rent an indoor automotive bay with all of the tools

    1 hr

    35 US dollars
  • Rent a fully-equipped carpentry shop for those big projects on your to...

    1 hr

    35 US dollars
  • Rent a 13x10 circulated paint booth with HVLP or airless spayer

    1 hr

    35 US dollars


Allow us to take the reigns and see your vision through to completion

Screen Printing

Do you have a custom shirt design, or need mass printing for your organization? Allow us to use our state-of-the-art printing facility to create custom textiles for you starting at only $3.50 per shirt.

3D Prototyping

Allow us to manufacture your 3-dimensional designs and prototypes with the best technology in additive manufacturing.

Wood and Metal Fabrication

Let us work with your specific fabrication needs. From picture frames and furniture to automotive parts and more.

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